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Arduino 0022

in Software 14.01.2011 19:22
von big-maec | 3 Beiträge

Arduino Software Release Notes

ARDUINO 0022 - 2010.12.24

[core / libraries]

* Adding an SD card library based on sdfatlib by Bill Greiman and the
MemoryCard library by Philip Lindsay (follower) for SparkFun.

* Added character manipulation macros (from Wiring): isAlphaNumeric(),
isAlpha(), isAscii(), isWhitespace(), isControl(), isDigit(), isGraph(),
isLowerCase(), isPrintable(), isPunct(), isSpace(), isUpperCase(),
isHexadecimalDigit(), toAscii(), toLowerCase(), toLowerCase().

* Added String.toInt() function.

* Refactoring core to use register-based, not CPU-based, #ifdefs.
Patch by Mark Sproul.

* Modification of serial baud rate calculation to match bootloader and 8U2
firmware at 57600 baud.

* Fixed bug in tone() function.

* Fixed SPI.setClockDivider() function.

* Fixed EEPROM library on Mega 2560.

* Hardware serial receive interrupt optimization.

* Applying the timeout parameter of pulseIn() during measurement of the
pulse, not just while waiting for it.


* Fixed problem with copy as html and angle brackets.

* Showing serial port selection dialog if serial port not found on upload.

* Remembering serial monitor window size and line ending selection.

* Replaced oro.jar regular expressions with java.regex ones (patch by
Eberhard Fahle and Christian Maglie).

* Building the user sketch before the core or libraries, so errors appear
faster. Patch by William Westfield and Paul Stoffregen.

* Setting application icon under Windows.

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